In a large percentage of patients, the treatment of Centers of Coordination (CC), as taught in Level 1, can be a final answer for obtaining a healing result, but the complete treatment of patients under FM requires Level 2.  Level 1 considers fascia regulating single planes of movement i.e., unidirectional muscle fibers such as in the three planes of motion (sagittal, frontal and horizontal).  Luigi Stecco realized that it was also necessary to coordinate two or three myofascial units involved in complex global movements where the forces of myofascial units converge. Centers of Fusion (CF) are taught to be used for single segments, along myofascial diagonals and myofascial spirals.  CF points are mostly found over retinacula and periarticular structures that are influenced by complex movements.  

CFs coordinate intermediate muscle fibers, activated during movements between mf units.  For example, CCs found mostly in muscle bellies would mainly be used for treating problems dealing with lumbar flexion, extension, lateral bending and rotation.  But movements between these planes such as oblique lateral backward bending (Kemp sign), oblique backward and medial bending, anterior lateral or anterior medial movement would require treatment of the CF. This would pertain, of course, not only to the lumbar spine, but to all the extremities and the trunk. Treating CFs also coordinate myofascial CC units. Often treating a CF frees the fascial tension created by the CCs. 

Level 2 is very important for understanding its relationship with Level 1.  Some of the many questions to be answered are when and why CFs are treated, the relation of CCs to CFs, the exact location of CFs, how to treat CFs (different than CCs) and the concepts of diagonals and spirals. Some other subjects continued from Level 1, such as treatment strategies, physiology of motor control as it relates to fascia, posture and the use of the assessment chart, are continuously discussed. 
FM is not a cookbook technique and requires dedication on the part of the practitioner to achieve the optimal results possible.  At the end of Level 1 and  Level 2, a review examination is given. 

Practitioners will be added to the FM Provider List after completion of Level 2.

-- Warren I Hammer DC, MS