​It has been well established that the fascia, which permeates the whole body and interpenetrates and surrounds all organs, bones, muscle, and nerve fibers, is a sensory organ. Treatment of the fascia directly affects the proprioceptive system and is responsible for muscles working in a coordinated fashion.  It is necessary to treat the fascia along defined pathways based on its anatomy and physiology.  It appears that only FM® has established and demonstrated the fascial kinetic chain.  For ultimate results in the treatment of many neuromusculoskeletal conditions, practitioners must learn how to treat the source of pain rather than mostly treat the site of pain.

Fascial Manipulation® has been taught in Europe for over 16 years.  It has been taught to over a thousand practitioners in 40 countries. It was created by Luigi Stecco, PT, over 40 years ago. Dr. Hammer was certified in Italy in 2013 to teach FM. Research has progressed over the years in textbooks, peer review articles, and recently in Functional Atlas of the Human Fascial System, by Carla Stecco, M.D., Elsevier, 2015, (English editor, W. Hammer).  For further information go to, and and enter Stecco C, Stecco A or fascia for peer reviewed articles.​

The Fascial Manipulation® program is an intensive hands-on series. It combines theoretical lectures, demonstrations, and practicals throughout each course day. Participants will learn to evaluate musculoskeletal dysfunctions with specific reference to the human fascial system, and to apply the Fascial Manipulation method.  Lectures include the anatomy and physiology of the fascial system, an explanation of the biomechanical model used in application of this technique, and the anatomical localization of fascial points (myofascial sequences, spirals). Emphasis will be placed on the evaluation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions (from history taking, to hypothesis, to functional testing, to palpation, to verification and treatment) together with a methodology and strategy for treatment.

The Fascial Manipulation® series is intended for physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, medical doctors, and other licensed health care practitioners with a good working knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy, physiology and neurology.  Other practitioners require a minimum of three postgraduate years with courses in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.  

"FM has been taught in Europe for the past 16 years and is slowly spreading throughout the world.  There is no other soft tissue method with as much peer reviewed literature as FM.  More than 200 U.S. clinicians have become FM providers since 2010. Extremely successful in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, this is an opportunity to learn Fascial Manipulation©, advance your skills and treat your patients better and faster." --  Warren Hammer, DC, DABCO

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