Fascial Manipulation courses are divided into three levels.

Level 1 addresses the myo-fascial sequences of the body and the Centres of Coordination, where densifications that create dysfunctions within the musculoskeletal system are most commonly present. This is split up into Part 1A and Part 1B.   

Level 2 addresses the Centers of Fusion, which are connected along diagonals and spirals. These points are extremely important for proprioceptive dysfunctions. This is split up into  Part 2A and Part 2B.

Each part is designed to give participants adequate time (4-6 weeks) to practice the newly acquired assessment and treatment techniques before returning to the next part for fine-tuning of the method. Each level will conclude with an examination to appraise the level of understanding and skill level. 

Level 3 explains the modality of treatment for internal dysfunctions and alterations of the superficial fascia.

Fascial Manipulation courses are intended for physiotherapists/osteopaths/chiropractors and medical doctors. Other registered health practitioners with at least 3 years of experience and a good working knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology and notions of postural analysis maybe accepted after submission of their qualifications.