Continuing Education: 
CEUs are not available for these dates.

COMPLETE COURSE                        Part 1A/1B and Part 2A/2B            $2999*            

LEVEL 1/Part A ONLY                      Part 1A                                               $800

Part 1B/LEVEL 2 (completion)       Part 1B/ and Part 2A/2B                 $2199*

Part 2A and 2B ONLY                                                                                 $1600        

RETAKE (any part - 1A/1B/2A/2B)                                                             $400 (each part)


There is a $5.20 Registration Fee applied to each registration.

50% Pricing Discount to FULL TIME Students/Faculty and FM Faculty

(Adjunct faculty is not eligible; you must be full time faculty and it must be your main source of income.)


Hands On Seminars

HOS Seminar Hall

3244 31st Street

Astoria, NY 11106

The current course in Fascial Manipulation consists of 4 three-day weekends (Level 1A, Level 1B, Level 2A and Level 2B).

It is now mandatory that a student complete all four levels to receive FM certification.  We are allowing students who initially cannot decide on the full program to register for the first three days, Level 1A. At the end of Level 1A, a student has the option to complete the full course.  If they decide not to continue, they will be prohibited from taking Level 1B.


Part 1A   January 18-20, 2019 with Antonio Stecco, MD​
Part 1B   February 15-18, 2019 with Warren Hammer, DC, DABCO​


Part 2A   July 19-21, 2019 with Dr. Stecco

Part 2B   September 27-29, 2019 with Dr. Stecco