2014-2015 Course Schedule

Part 2A    Stamford, CT - October 10-12, 2014
Part 2B    Stamford, CT - December 5-7, 2014

Part 1A    Whittier, CA - Nov 7-9, 2014
Part 1B    Whittier, CA - Nov 21-23, 2014

Part 2A    Whittier, CA - Feb 20-22, 2015
Part 2B    Whittier, CA - Mar 27-29, 2015

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Since introducing Fascial Manipulation© (FM), to the U.S. with Antonio Stecco, M.D., in 2010, I am more excited about my current results in relieving patient’s acute and chronic pain using this treatment than I have ever been.

Fascial Manipulation teaches you the current anatomy and physiology of the fascial system, its evaluation and treatment. It is based on the latest information on the relationship of fascia to muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Practitioners will learn current information about fascia with particular emphasis on myofascial units (MFU) and myofascial sequences based on the anatomy of the fascial system and its relation to the acupuncture system.

In 2013, I was officially certified as an instructor by the Fascial Manipulation Association.

FM courses are taught in four parts (1A and 1B; 2A and 2B).

Stefano Casadei PT from Cesena, Italy and I will be the instructors this year.  Each part is three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), for a total of 12 days.

Antonio Stecco, MD will be instructing Part 1A and 1B in Whittier.  Warren Hammer, DC is the instructor for Part 2A and 2B in Whittier. 

Chiropractic CE credits generally available for those licensed in the state in which the course is being held, as well as direct bording states to that location. Contact ceu@vincentmanagement.com to confirm as CE availability is not guaranteed.

MN Dates/Location:  MN, WI (WI not available for Part 1A)
CT Dates/Location:   MA, NY, NJ
CA Dates/Location: DC CEU credits are not available for Part 1A or 1B.  CEUs are available for CA, NV and OR for Part 2A and 2B.

These states are "pre-approved" for any date/location:  CO, CT, DE, DC, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, MD, MI, MT, NE, NM, ND, OR, RI, SC, UT, VT, VA, WA
CEU credit is NOT available for DCs licensed in AZ or ME for either location.   
All other states, prior to registering, please contact ceu@vincentmanagement.com with your profession and the state in which you are licensed to inquire as to whether or not CEUs might be available.  Refunds will not be issued for lack of CEU availability if you have not inquired in writing prior to registering. 
PHYSICAL THERAPISTS:  CA CEUs are pending for Part 1A/1B and 2A/2B for Whittier only.  
FM has been taught in Europe for the past 16 years and is slowly spreading throughout the world.  There is no other soft tissue method with as much peer reviewed literature as  FM.

More than 200 U.S. clinicians have become FM providers since 2010. Extremely successful in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, this is an opportunity to learn Fascial Manipulation©, advance your skills and treat your patients better and faster.

-- Warren Hammer, DC, DABCO

Training Fees

Part 1A & 1B Only: $1,485 Early Bird Discount.  $1,650 Regular Price.
Use Discount Code EB11 when registering*.  Early Bird Discount extended to October 28th for Part 1A/1B Whittier.
Part 1A/1B and Part 2A/2B: $2,376 Early Bird Discount.  $2,970 Regular PriceUse Discount Code EB12 when registering*.  Early Bird Discount extended to October 28th for Part 1A/1B Whittier.

Part 2A & 2B: $1,485 Early Bird Discount*.  $1,650 Regular Price.  *Register by January 19th for Whittier in order to receive discount.

DC Student/Faculty: 50% off Regular Pricing. Use Discount Code STUFAC when registering.*  Early Bird discount does not apply.

If you attended the course between 2010 to 2014 and want to retake any of the sections, pay 50%.  Select the "Retake" fee option when registering.

Order Fascial Manipulation Textbooks

Fascial Manipulation for Musculoskeletal Pain (Theoretical part) by Luigi and Antonio Stecco
Fascial Manipulation Practical Part by Luigi and Carla Stecco
Fascial Manipulation for Internal Dysfunction by Luigi and Carla Stecco

Who Will Benefit?

Knowledge of these areas will be valuable for the practitioners thinking of adding soft tissue treatment to their practice and of particular value to those using Graston Technique®, Active Release Technique®, FAKTR-PM, Structural Integrationists and anyone using their hands or instruments to heal.

NEW! Wall Posters of Fascial Manipulation Points  

Set of two posters, one for the Centers of Fusion points, a second for the Centers of Coordination points. 

Each poster features two high-quality renderings of the body’s muscles (one anterior view, one posterior) with the point locations indicated.

The posters serve as a handy reference for the practitioner and an aid for patient explanations.

Details:  Posters are on varnished, #100 paper stock and each measures 19” by 27”

To order:  Send a check for $35 (made out to Martha Cook) to the address below.  (Price includes the 2-poster set, handling and postage within the US.  Add $5 USD for postage to Canada.)

Shipment will include a receipt.

Martha Cook

551 Canoe Hill Road

New Canaan, CT  06840

Questions? Email  martha44@optonline.net